Course Description --- Chinese Yoyo  扯鈴

Age 4 and up 11:30-12:30

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The Chinese Yoyo, also known as Che-Ling (pulling bell), was created so long ago that there is no known inventor. Originally, the Chinese Yoyo was made of wood or bamboo. Fortunately, as a result of modern technology, most Chinese Yoyos are composed of two durable plastic wheels and a joining steel rod and constructed so that the center of mass is located precisely at the middle of the steel rod where the string pivots the Yoyo. Because of this, the Chinese Yoyo is a lot easier to handle and to perform tricks. When it is spinning, the Chinese Yoyo will create a mysterious whirling sound through the holes carved on both of its sides. From throwing the Chinese Yoyo in the air to spinning it behind your back, you will learn some basic and intermediate Chinese Yoyo tricks in this class. Video Demonstrations.