Frequently Asked Questions

  • School hours for language classes are from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, cultural classes from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM on Saturdays.

  • RCLS welcomes everyone in the community. Our students come from all backgrounds, such as families from Taiwan and other Asian countries, Chinese American families, multi-cultural families, children who were adopted from China, and many people who have no Chinese connection at all, but want to learn the language and culture.

  • Students are required to register each semester. RCLS is open to registration during the month of May and December; specific dates are announced on school website or via in-house communications. Registration during summer can be done by mail. Registration in December is for current students only, but some exceptions may apply. Email for more information.

  • RCLS do not recommend students start in the mid term. However, some exceptions may apply. Please email for details.

  • RCLS allows for refunds each semester. You may be eligible for a 100% or 50% tuition refund based on dates published in the school calendar (available on

  • RCLS encourages and needs volunteer. RCLS will refund the $50 service deposit if you could volunteer at school twice per semester. Some exceptions may apply.

  • To ensure service fee refund, please see RCLS Student Affairs and/or PTA for volunteer assignments. Full refund will be given to those who have fulfilled their duties. Partial refund will not be considered.

  • To volunteer or to learn about volunteer opportunities please contact Student Affairs, PTA, or the Principal. Contact information is available on RCLS website (

  • RCLS provides limited classroom auditing just for this purpose. With approval by Academic Affairs potential students have the opportunity to see if a particular class is suitable. Please note, auditing is restricted to classes that have not reached the maximum number of students.

  • Applications will be considered for admission if an opening in a requested class is available. Current RCLS students and their siblings are given priority for placement.

  • Placement is usually determined by the students' age and the level of fluency in Chinese language. RCLS makes every effort to see that each student is in the best class for his/her situation.

  • RCLS will do its best to accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee placement. Other factors must be considered.

  • We want to ensure that each child is in the proper learning environment. Promotion to the next level is based on the teacher's recommendations. Proficiency is the key determining factor.

  • The classroom teacher should provide their contact information on the first day of class.

  • You may call the teacher or the class parent.

  • To learn about school closing please check the RCLS website ( It is also available on WRAL Channel 5, News 14, or radio FM 101.5. If time permits, you will be notified by email or a phone call from the class parent or school staff.

   Please email all other questions to